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Drilling Systems Modeling & Automation, Part 2: Introduction to Simulink and Simscape

Hoisting systems have a bounded and controlled motion of mechanical systems. Modeling plays a role in understanding how the properties and performance of mechanical components and systems affect the overall system design. While the underlying physics are well understood, there exist many different means to model a multibody system, which requires a considerable investment in methods for formulating and solving equations of motion.

In this video, we demonstrate how easy it is to get started in Simulink and Simscape by using pre-built blocks from the libraries. These libraries span different domains such as mechanical, electrical and hydraulic. We start off by using templates to build the drawworks drum and mass assembly. Then we add joints, connections to complete the mechanical model. We can also import assemblies from CAD software such as SOLIDWORKS. This saves substantial time for kinematics assemblies.

For the electrical control systems of the rig, we draw from pre-built blocks for the electrical domain such as 3-phase rectifier, filter/chopper, field controller and induction motor. The system is complete after the addition of a simple PID loop. MathWorks offers the complete reference application on our File Exchange at no cost for usage.

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