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Estimating Bouncing Ball Contact Parameters

This video shows a workflow to find the optimal contact parameters that can simulate a realistic behavior of a bouncing or a colliding ball. Initially, Veer tracks the real trajectory of a bouncing ball from a video file. Then, he replicates the bouncing ball model using Simscape Multibody. Further, he uses Parameter Estimation to find the contact parameters of the Spatial Contact Force blocks. Finally, he shows how you can create a customized realistic scenario by feeding the obtained contact parameter values in the Spatial Contact Force blocks. You can find the example models used in this video on MATLAB Central File Exchange: For more information, you can access the following resources: - Modeling Contact Force Between Two Solids: - Parameter Estimation: - How do I determine stiffness and damping parameters for contact forces in Simulink?: - Computer Vision Tutorial: Additional Resources: - Contact the MathWorks student competitions team: - Visit the Student Tutorials and Videos for additional videos: - Request software for your student competition:

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