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Add Simscape electrical library in MATLAB with proper steps

Simscape Multibody is a separate product from Simscape. You will need to install both if you want to use Simscape Multibody.

Step 1: Get the Installation Files

Go to the Simscape Multibody Link download

Save the zip archive and MATLAB file in a convenient folder.

Select the file versions matching your MATLAB release number and system architecture—e.g., release R2015b and Win64 architecture. Do not extract the zip archive.

Step 2: Run the Installation Function

Run MATLAB as administrator.

Add the saved installation files to the MATLAB path.

You can do this by entering addpath('foldername') at the MATLAB command prompt. Replace foldername with the name of the folder in which you saved the installation files—e.g., C:\Temp.

At the MATLAB command prompt, enter install_addon('zipname').

Replace zipname with the name of the zip archive—e.g.,

Step 3: Register MATLAB as an Automation Server

Each time you export a CAD assembly model, the Simscape Multibody Link plug-in attempts to connect to MATLAB. For the connection to occur, you must register MATLAB as an automation server. You can do this in two ways:

In a MATLAB session running in administrator mode — At the command prompt, enter regmatlabserver.

In an MS-dos window running in administrator mode — At the command prompt, enter matlab -regserver.

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