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Build Something! MATLAB and Simulink for Hardware Projects

Working with hardware has become a foundational skill for today’s engineering students. If you haven’t had to program an Arduino®, Raspberry Pi™, or other board yet, it’s probably just a matter of time before you will.     
These boards can be used to build all kinds of fun and engaging robots and gadgets, and provide students a hands-on way to apply concepts learned in class.   
This video shows you how to use MATLAB® and Simulink® to program different types of hardware projects, including: 

- A mobile rover that follows path instructions and moves objects with its forklift
- A self-balancing motorcycle that maneuvers itself on varying terrain and remains upright using a flywheel for balance
- An automatic guitar tuner that uses audio processing and a servo motor to tune a guitar

You will see how to model and simulate these systems, develop embedded algorithms, and with the click of a button, automatically generate code that runs on your hardware. 
The concepts and workflows covered are useful well beyond the engineering classroom, and are used by companies around the world to design today’s most complex vehicles, aircraft, industrial robots, and other systems.

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