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Autonomous Navigation, Part 4: Path Planning with A* and RRT

This video explores some of the ways that we can use a map like a binary occupancy grid for motion and path planning. We briefly cover what motion planning means and how we can use a graph to solve this planning problem. We then walk through two popular approaches for creating that graph: search-based algorithms like A* and sampling-based algorithms like RRT and RRT*.

Additional Resources: 

- Planning Mobile-Robot Paths Using RRT MATLAB: - Create an RRT planner: - Download ebook: Sensor Fusion and Tracking for Autonomous Systems: An Overview: - Download white paper: Sensor Fusion and Tracking for Autonomous Systems: - Sampling-Based Algorithms for Optimal Motion Planning, Karaman and Frazzoli: - A* Path Finding by Sebastian Lague video: - RRT, RRT* & Random Trees by Aaron Becker video: - RRT* FND: Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments video:

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