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Getting from Concept to Code Safely and Efficiently with Model-Based Design

The trend in aerospace and defense programs is toward more complex multidomain products and applications. Single systems and components often contain mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, communications, signal processing, video, and software components. In addition to this complexity, there are more and more requirements that you need to consider, such as DO-178B standards on the development and verification of these systems.

Today, organizations use Simulink® and Model-Based Design to design these systems, not just in aerospace and defense, but also in the automotive, industrial automation, and wireless industries. In this video, you will learn how Simulink and Model-Based Design can help you get from concept to code.

- Achieve your design objectives, whether they involve full system simulation, rapid prototyping, or targeting embedded systems
- Reuse your models throughout system development—from requirements to architecture, modeling and simulation, implementation, and verification
- Fix errors early and reduce development time by testing your design at each step of the process 

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