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What Is the CubeSat Simulation Library?

The CubeSat Simulation Library for Aerospace Blockset™ lets you model, simulate, analyze, and visualize the motion and dynamics of CubeSats and nano satellites, which are miniaturized spacecraft designed for space research based on one or more 10-cm cubes of up to 1.33 kg per unit.

To get started with CubeSat simulations, the library provides a ready-to-simulate example of a CubeSat modeled in Simulink®. It also provides template models. These templates are available from the Simulink Start page. To help you get started modeling vehicle motion and dynamics, the library includes a CubeSat Simulink block featuring orbit propagation and attitude control. To open the CubeSat block library, type “asbCubeSatBlockLib” at the MATLAB® command window.

Install the CubeSat Simulation Library as an add-on using the Add-On Explorer in the MATLAB desktop. Use the search term "CubeSat" in the Add-On Explorer to find and install the library.

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