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Getting Started with MATLAB

Get started with MATLAB® by walking through an example. This video shows you the basics, and it gives you an idea of what working in MATLAB is like.
- Download code:
- Learn the essentials of MATLAB through the MATLAB Onramp:

The video walks through how to calculate solar panel energy production. You’ll see how to import data, define variables, and perform calculations using various elements of the MATLAB desktop environment, including the Command Window, the Workspace browser, and the Variables editor. Visualize data using prebuilt plots, and then customize those visualizations. You’ll also learn how to use the documentation to find built-in functions, guidance on their syntax, and code examples that demonstrate how to use the functions.

Lastly, you’ll see how to use the Live Editor to create scripts that combine code, output, and formatted text in an executable notebook that can be shared with others.

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