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Car Number plate detection using MATLAB

Matlab Image Processing: Car No.  Plate detector Project Code
Car no plate detector is a very advanced and well-suited project for all engineering graduates of Electronics and Computer Engineering Students. Here we have presented real simulation recording of this project in Matlab Software.

Use of this Matlab Project:
Actually, this project is the gift given by digital image processing. Here we process the image for finding the useful information i.e no plate code. In the real word, traffic is so much high that we can not control and check all the vehicles passing by through high ways and roads. So, we need some advance system which can automatically record and check the passing vehicles and note down the number in digital form. So, it would help to maintain the perfect check on the vehicles passing by and the security would be easy and reliable.

Why Matlab Made this project different using Digital Image Processing:

It's true that we can also take an image by camera and store them, then what is the use of this project.

The answer is simple:

Because images taken by the camera would be of large size and storing thousands of image would waste a lot of time and memory space. So we need such a system which can reduce complexity. This project converts only no plate area(i.e useful information) into the digital text format. which takes size merely in kb. So, we can store a lot of record in such small space and also it would be easy to match records of criminals using this digital information.

What technology we have used:

We have used digital image processing technology for this purpose. First, we have taken the image, then convert it into grayscale then binary and finally extracted the information. 

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