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Introducing the Modelithics SELECT+ Library for MATLAB

 Learn how to find, install, and use the Modelithics SELECT+ Library for MATLAB. Following the guide of Johnny Himbele a MathWorks Senior RF developer, you will learn how to use Modelithics libraries in MATLAB and RF Toolbox.

Learn more about the Modelithics SELECT+ Library for MATLAB:

Firstly, search for RF passive RLC components by substrate, value, vendor and once you restrict your choice, parametrize the component based on given specifications.

Secondly, analyze the component S-parameters including RF parasitic effects.

Lastly, integrate these components into RF circuits such as matching networks and use optimization algorithms to achieve the desired performance.


0:00 Introduction and installation

6:26 Searching components in the Modelithics library

15:50: Using the Modelithics library in MATLAB

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