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Deriving Impulse Responses Using Transfer Function Estimates

 Sometimes you need to characterize a given system or channel in terms of its impulse response. This demonstration shows one methodology for doing so using a combination of MATLAB® and Simulink®. 

The given application is signal integrity (SI) in nature, but the technique is broadly applicable. The DUT to be identified is a lossy channel with reflections, and the signaling is PAM3. So, the question is, how can you derive the mystery channel’s impulse response given all you have access to is a PAM3 signal input and a modified PAM3 signal at the output, all in the time domain?

First, you will learn how to model and simulate such a system. Second, you’ll learn how to make frequency response measurements on the DUT. Third, you’ll learn how to derive the impulse response and pulse response from the logged frequency response measurements in the MATLAB environment. 

You can download this example here:

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