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How to Use Datastores ?

 Learn how to efficiently work with large or messy data sets with datastores. From importing your data as you need it to preprocessing and cleaning the data, this demonstration will teach you all the basics of using datastores so that you can spend less time importing your data and more time using it. You will learn what a datastore is, how to create a datastore, the different ways to import data from a datastore, and how to process data as you import it.  

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— Example code for creating and reading from a datastore can be found here:

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Video Chapters:   

0:00 Introduction

0:41 What is a datastore?

1:14 Creating a datastore

1:59 Importing and using data

3:03 Resetting a datastore

3:20 Partition a datastore

4:15 Create a subset of the datastore

4:48 Transform the data

5:45 Conclusion

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