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Image Segmentation and Analysis: Making Vehicles and Robots See

This video introduces the concept of performing image segmentation and analyzing the regions of interest using interactive apps. Starting with the most used segmentation technique—color-based segmentation—discover how you can use the Color Thresholder app to segment regions specific to colors in an image. Then use the results from the Color Thresholder app to refine the mask by using the Image Segmenter app. You can analyze the image regions using the Image Region Analyzer app. Also, learn how to export the masks from the apps. Follow the exercise at the end of this video to use the exported masks from the MATLAB® apps in Simulink®. - Download files: - Complete Image Processing Onramp: - Complete Simulink Onramp: - Documentation on getting started with image processing: For more videos in the Making Vehicles and Robots See series click here: What is Image Segmentation? Preprocessing the Image Color-Based Segmentation using Color Thresholder App Refining Image Mask using Image Segmenter App Annotating the Detected Regions Analyzing Connected Components using Image Region Analyzer App Using Generated MATLAB Function in Simulink Exercise: Count Yellow Circular Objects using Simulink Key Takeaways

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