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Digital Twin Parameter Tuning

Learn how to tune the digital twin model of a pump system to its physical asset using Simulink Design Optimization™. You can use measured data collected from the physical system to tune the parameters of its digital twin model so that the digital twin reflects the most up-to-date state of the physical system that is in operation. An up-to-date digital twin lets you perform what-if simulations under different operating conditions, run fault detection and classification algorithms, and optimize operations of the physical system. Once you develop digital twin parameter tuning algorithms, you can deploy them in the cloud or on the edge or physical system using MATLAB Compiler™ and Simulink Compiler™. For more information on deploying generated MATLAB® code from Simulink Design Optimization, see the in-product example Deployed Application of Parameter Estimation: Check out these additional resources on digital twins: - What is a Digital Twin? ( - MATLAB and Simulink for IoT Applications (

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