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Model and Simulate an Electric All-Terrain Vehicle with Simscape

Learn how to model an electric all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for off-road student competitions such as Baja SAE. Watch an overview of how to develop the model using Simscape™. Then use the model as a reference for optimizing ATV parameters, performing brake tests, running the ATV on uneven surfaces, and calculating the state of charge of the battery. A list of resources is provided for when you build your own ATV model.

You can find the example models used in this video on: For more information, you can access the following resources: - Getting Started with Simscape: - Motor Control Video Serries: - How to Design Motor Controllers Using Simscape Electrical: - Student Competition: Physical Modeling Training: - Estimate Battery State of Charge with Simulink: - How to Optimize Model Parameters in Simulink: - Winners of eBAJA SAEINDIA 2019 use MATLAB and Simulink for their Vehicle Design:

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