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List of Mini Projects on Image Processing using MATLAB

List of projects (simple & medium level) with detail explanation & code ,so that learners can take those as base of their project and work with those further…

here I am mentioning some of them—

  • Tracking object of particular color with complete code

  • Change Background: Greenscreen matting without the green screen | MATLAB

  • Invisible Cloth Effect using Image Processing | MATLAB

  • Demonstration of K-Means Image Segmentation Algorithm

  • Extracting Dominant Color of an Image using K-Means Clustering

  • K-Means Clustering for Image Segregation

  • Color Image Segregation using ResNet-18 & K-Means Clustering

  • Face Recognition Project in MATLAB using Transfer learning (with complete code)

  • Hand Gesture Recognition Demo using AlexNet & MATLAB

  • Classify the type of football! Image Classification | Kaggle

  • Left-Right Hand detection using K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier | MATLAB--Complete Project (with code)

  • Digit recognition using MATLAB (Support Vector Machine + HOG)

  • Demonstration of Facial Expression Recognition Using LBP Feature

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