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Generating and Analyzing LTE Signals with MATLAB

The LTE standard is many hundreds of pages long. Generating LTE signals requires either many years of development (understanding the standard, implementing and verifying the signals) or acquiring expensive signal generators, which are not as flexible as our MATLAB-based solution.

Join MathWorks as we explore how to easily generate a variety of LTE signals with LTE System Toolbox. We will review several types of signals that are specified by 3GPP such as Reference Measurement Channels (RMC) and Test Models (E-TM).

We will also generate custom signals by controlling each channel of the LTE physical layer separately and explore Carrier Aggregation for LTE-Advanced.

We will illustrate a few applications of those generated signals, including:

Measuring EVM and ACLR, as well as link performance
Assessing the impact of RF impairments
Connecting LTE signals to a signal generator
Investigating how LTE-Advanced features such as Transmission Mode 9 and 10 (Coordinated MultiPoint or CoMP) improve transmission throughput
Demodulating live LTE signals

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