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Using MATLAB Grader for Assignments in the Canvas LMS

MATLAB® Grader™ allows faculty, instructors, and instructional designers to create interactive MATLAB course problems, automatically grade student work, provide feedback, and integrate these tasks into learning management systems (LMS). One common LMS platform educators use with MATLAB Grader to assess student learning is Canvas.In this webinar, you will learn how to add a MATLAB Grader assignment to an existing course within the Canvas LMS, how to reuse content that was previously created on the hosted version of MATLAB Grader, how to inspect the Canvas Gradebook to ensure student submissions are being recorded, and how to make modifications to active assignments and rescore student solutions.

Adding MATLAB Grader assignments to your Canvas-based courses requires your school to have either a Campus-Wide Suite or Community and Technical College License, and it is available for academic users only. Your LMS administrator must complete the LMS integration between MATLAB Grader and the Canvas LMS prior to performing the tasks seen in this video. If you are interested in integrating MATLAB Grader into your Canvas LMS, please have your LMS administrator request access through Customer Support or your assigned Customer Success Specialist or Account Representative.

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