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Create Plots from Your Data Quickly and Interactively in MATLAB

You can interactively create and explore visualizations for your data with the Create Plot Live Editor task. Choose visualizations from a list of categories or let the task recommend them based on your workspace variables. The task automatically generates MATLAB® code and adds labels to the generated visualization. Using this task, you can:

• Create a plot by selecting variables and a chart type.

• Explore different visualizations of the same data. Select some variables first, then try selecting different chart types.

• Explore different data in the same visualization format. Select the chart type first. The task will prompt you for data.

• Customize the appearance of your plot. For example, you can change the marker symbol for line charts and the arrangement of bars for bar charts.

For a list all the types of plots and the functions to generate them programmatically, see Types of MATLAB Plots documentation.

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  1. This is a good tutorial for learning the Plot function in MatLab. There is another function in MatLab which is called Polyfit. The polyfit function helps to fit a polynomial curve.