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Statistics with MATLAB

In this course, statistic subjects will be covered using MATLAB. We will start with the explanation of vectors, matrices and cells, then proceed with the tables which is an important subject in statistics. Density functions and cumulative distribution functions will be explained. Histograms and boxplots use in MATLAB will be explained by examples. We will consider Hypothesis tests using MATLAB functions ztest, ttest, vartest. Analysis of variance, and multivariate analysis of variance will be studied using MATLAB. Linear and non-linear regression models will be covered. Generation of random data for definite densities and simulation using random data is the last topic to be covered in this course.

Course content

Creating, Concatenating, and Expanding Matrices

Accessing to the Elements of Vectors and Matrices

Reshaping and sorting vectors and matrices

Multidimentional arrays

Cell array creation and accessing to the elements of cell arrays

Access Data in Cell Array

Table creation in MATLAB

Table creation from file using readtable matlab function and import table icon

Table creation, assigning row and variable names and accessing to the elements

Table indexing methods

Histogram plot using the MATLAB histogram() function

Histogram plot using the MATLAB histogram() function

Histogram Plot with Normalization

Plot multiple histograms, fitting pdf to normalized histogram

2D Histogram plot using histogram2() MATLAB function


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