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Modeling and Simulation of Photovoltaic Module Using MATLAB Simulink by Al-Janaby Ahmed Mohamad Abed (Author)

Knowledge of the characteristic of photovoltaic PV module is a prerequisite for designing and dimensioning a PV power supply. This is the reason for the development of PV module models useful for electrical applications. This approach allows the development of a high-performance conversion systems balancing system-components and permitting the evaluation of the behaviour of the entire system in various scenarios. Seven variables studying model was proposed in this book as a simple method of modelling and simulation of photovoltaic module using Matlab software package. The method is used to determine the characteristic of PV module and to study the influence of different values of solar radiation at different temperatures concerning performance of PV cells. Taking the effect of Irradiance and temperature and wind speed into consideration as environment effects and Saturation Current, Ideal Factor, Series and Shunt resistances as a four inside construction variables, the output current and power characteristic of photovoltaic module are simulated using the proposed model.


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