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PID Control of a Vienna Rectifier-Based Power Factor Corrector

Learn how to automatically tune the DC-link voltage, DQ-axis current, and voltage neutral controllers for a Vienna-rectifier-based power factor corrector modeled in Simscape Electrical™. Use the Closed-Loop PID Autotuner block to tune controller gains to provide fast and stable tracking of the DC-link output voltage to variations in load. The block injects an excitation signal during closed-loop plant operation to estimate plant frequency response. Use the obtained frequency response to automatically compute PID gains. See how to use the Closed-Loop PID Autotuner block on the inner DQ-axis current loops, the outer DC-link voltage loop, and the voltage neutral loop. Use the computed PID gains to update parameters of the PID controller in the model. Finally, see how to verify controller performance by running closed-loop simulation.

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