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Creating and Training Reinforcement Learning Agents Interactively

Design, train, and simulate reinforcement learning agents using a visual interactive workflow in the Reinforcement Learning Designer app. Use the app to set up a reinforcement learning problem in Reinforcement Learning Toolbox™ without writing MATLAB® code. Work through the entire reinforcement learning workflow to: 

- Import an existing environment in the app
- Import or create a new agent for your environment and select the appropriate hyperparameters for the agent 
- Use the default neural network architectures created by Reinforcement Learning Toolbox or import custom architectures
- Train the agent on single or multiple workers and simulate the trained agent against the environment
- Analyze simulation results and refine agent parameters  
- Export the final agent to the MATLAB workspace for further use and deployment

Additional Resources:

- Download ebook: Reinforcement Learning with MATLAB and Simulink: - Get Started with Reinforcement Learning Onramp:

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