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Working in the Development Environment

earn how to use the MATLAB® development environment and start programming fast. This video walks you step-by-step through the interface. Topics include:
- An overview of the main MATLAB windows
- Manipulating MATLAB windows
- Logistical commands for navigation
- The toolstrip
- The quick access toolbar

This video walks through main windows in the MATLAB interface: the Command Window, the Workspace, the Current Folder, and the Details window, and discusses the important roles each of them plays in the environment. Next, you’ll learn about window manipulation techniques, such as docking and undocking windows, creating new windows, and resetting the desktop to default settings.

Then, the video walks through logistical commands, including save, delete, load, clear, and clc, which allow for easier navigation and use of the MATLAB windows. You will also walk through the MATLAB toolstrip, with its commonly used tabs and functionalities, from Opening Files to Plotting Data to Designing Apps.

Finally, you’ll learn about the quick access toolbar, where you can reach basic MATLAB functions like the Save or Switch Windows. 

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