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How to export simulink data into MATLAB workspace

Use a To Workspace Block

This section explains how to send data from a Simulink® model to the MATLAB® workspace so you can analyze the results of simulations in greater detail.

You can use a To Workspace block, from the DSP System Toolbox™/Sinks library to send data to the MATLAB workspace as a vector. For example, you can send the error rate data from the Hamming code model, described in the section Reducing the Error Rate Using a Hamming Code. To insert a To Workspace block into the model, follow these steps:

To open the model, at the MATLAB prompt, enter doc_hamming.

To add a To Workspace block, begin typing the name 'to workspace' in the model window and select the To Workspace block from the DSP System Toolbox/Sinks library. Connect it as shown.

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