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REDS Library 9. Photovoltaic Design Model Matlab/Simulink Model

REDS Library Models: 

9. Photovoltaic Design Model Matlab/Simulink Model

Try design your own business based on PV aspects. Download and control your PV selection before going to the market. User can easily assign the PV power (5-280 Watt) & Solar flux (W/m2 and /or kWh/m2) to obtain the following:

1-Open circuit voltage, V.
2-Short circuit current, A.
3-Maximum voltage, V.
4-Maximum current, A.
5-Module efficiency, %.
6-Cell efficiency, %.
7-Net weight, kg.
8-The dimensions, m2.
9-The system total power, kW.
10-The battery capacity, Ah.
User can assign the total load in order to calculate many important parameters such as total area, module area, costs, etc.

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