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Data Analysis with MATLAB for Excel Users

Many technical professionals find that they run into limitations using Excel for their data analysis applications. This webinar highlights how MATLAB can supplement the capabilities of Excel by providing access to thousands of pre-built engineering and advanced analysis functions and versatile visualization tools.

Learn more about using MATLAB with Excel:
Learn more about MATLAB:

Through product demonstrations you will see how to:

• Access data from spreadsheets
• Plot data and customize figures
• Perform statistical analysis and fitting
• Automatically generate reports to document your analysis
• Freely distribute your MATLAB functions as Excel add-ins

This webinar will show new features from the latest versions of MATLAB including new data types to store and manage data commonly found in spreadsheets.

Previous knowledge of MATLAB is not required.

About the Presenter: Adam Filion holds a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech. His research involved nonlinear controls of spacecraft and periodic orbits in the three-body problem. After graduating he joined the MathWorks Engineering Development Group in 2010 and moved to Applications Engineering in 2012.

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