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How to Animate Plots in MATLAB: getframe() and movie() Explained

 Looking for a way to elevate your plot presentation? Learn how to record and animate plots in MATLAB® with this quick tutorial on the functions getframe() and movie. The function getframe() allows you to capture the axes or figures as a movie frame. The recorded movie frames can then be displayed using the movie() function. The recorded frames can be played any number of times at a user-defined fps. Try it yourself! 

This how-to video was created by one of our MATLAB Student Ambassadors. If you're currently an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at a degree-granting institution, we invite you to explore our available positions here:

- getframe() documentation:

- movie() documentation:

- Learn more about animations in MATLAB:


0:00 Introductions 

1:38 Animating a 2D plot   

3:12 3D plot - preview 

3:29 Animating 3D plot – solar system 

3:33 Animating 3D plot – results  

4:44 Conclusion 

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