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An introduction to Beamforming

 How we actually have more control over the shape of the beam than just adding additional elements or adjusting the position and orientation of the elements. We can also adjust the gain of the signal to each element and apply phase unevenly to each element, and that gives us a lot more flexibility in beam forming. Plus, with the advances in fast analog to digital converters, we can have full digital control over each individual element which opens up the possibility of adaptive beamforming.

Want to see all of the references in a nice, organized list? Check out this journey on Resourcium: Check out these other links: - Fixed-Point HDL-Optimized Minimum-Variance Distortionless-Response (MVDR) Beamformer: - MATLAB Function - phased.MVDRBeamformer: - Conventional and Adaptive Beamformers:

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