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Visualize Simulation Data in Simulink

 Visualizing simulation data throughout the modeling process helps you understand, prototype, and tune your models. In Simulink®, you can select from different data visualization tools to suit your needs:

- Scope block: View connected signals in a separate compact window. - Dashboard block library: Build an interactive interface to control and monitor the simulation by using graphical controls and displays. - Record block: View and log signals to the workspace or a file. - Simulation Data Inspector: Visualize, compare, and analyze data from multiple simulations in one place. - Custom MATLAB® visualizations: Log simulation data to MATLAB and use MATLAB figures and charts to create custom visualizations. - 3D Visualizations: Connect to Unreal Engine® to simulate and visualize the behavior of your Simulink models in prebuilt or custom 3D scenes. Get started with Simulink: Learn more: Simulink for System Design and Simulation: Read article: Visualizing Simulation Data with Simulink: Learn more: View and Analyze Simulation Results:

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