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How to Perform System Identification of Blue Robotics Thrusters

 This video will show you how to use the System Identification app to create linear mathematical models of a component with the Blue Robotics T200 thruster as an example. System Identification is a data driven approach to developing mathematical models for components or systems. You will learn how to apply pre-processing techniques to your data create state space models and transfer function models for a Blue Robotics T200 thruster and use these generated models in a closed loop control system.

- System Identification Overview: - System Identification Workflow: - Working with System Identification App: - Transfer Function Model: - State Space Models: - Identify Linear Models Using System Identification App: - Ways to Prepare Data for System Identification: - Code files used in Video: 0:00 Modelling Approaches  1:38 Import Data   2:43 Data Preprocessing – Remove Mean from Data  3:00 Estimate/Generate State Space Models  3:27 Data Preprocessing- Filtering Noise from Data  4:03 Estimate/Generate Transfer Function Model  4:23 Import Transfer Function and Sate Space Model to MATLAB 4:32 Import and use Transfer Function and State Space Model in Simulink 

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