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Digital Twins for Oil and Gas Production

Learn the basics of creating a digital twin of an oil and gas production system in Simscape™. Simscape enables you to create physics-driven models by simply assembling a schematic of existing components from prebuilt libraries. You can calibrate the model to match your asset, thus creating a digital twin that can be used for simulation and optimization. A gas dehydration facility is used as an example.


- Modeling a gas dehydration plant with process fluids (natural gas)
- Connecting Simulink and MATLAB with REFPROP for working with thermophysical properties of chemical components
- Calibrating the model to plant data to create digital twins for adsorption and absorption processes
- Modeling physics-driven systems

- Learn more about digital twins:
- Learn more about MATLAB for the chemicals and petrochemicals industry:

0:00 Introduction
0:01 Why build a Digital Twin?
7:02 Success Stories with Digital Twins
9:18 Simscape for process modeling
26:02 Demo
46:38 How to get started with Simscape

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