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Build a Map and Localize a Vehicle from Lidar Data

This video shows how you can build a map from lidar data and localize a position in the map using Computer Vision Toolbox™, Lidar Toolbox™ and Automated Driving Toolbox™. To learn more about the examples shown in this video, visit the following pages: 1. Build a Map from Lidar Data Using SLAM: 2. Build a Map from Lidar Data: 3. Design Lidar SLAM Algorithm Using Unreal Engine Simulation Environment: 4. Lidar Localization with Unreal Engine Simulation: 5. Feature-Based Map Building from Lidar Data: 6. Build Map and Localize Using Segment Matching: 7. Build Occupancy Map from 3-D Lidar Data Using SLAM: 8. Aerial Lidar SLAM Using FPFH Descriptors:

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