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How to Implement Units of Measurement in MATLAB

This video outlines the essential concepts behind the use of units in MATLAB® in such a way that they can be accessible to every user - from beginner to advanced. All the examples shown are related to the force formula, and the main command you can use to declare units is symunits. The video emphasizes the concept that units in MATLAB are symbolic variables and that they remain symbolic variables even when operations are performed, adopting numeric values and other symbolic variables. The video also explains the behavior of various functions, including newUnit, rewrite, unitInfo, checkUnits, unitConvert, vpa, separateUnits. For each of these functions, the video also shows the required types of inputs and the generated kind of outputs This video was created as part of the MATLAB student ambassador program: Additional Resources: Learn more about using symbolic math for your applications: Documentation for built-in units in MATLAB: Check out a MATLAB example:

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