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What Is a CAN Bus?

Learn how a Controller Area Network Bus (CAN Bus) operates as well as its applications in different industries. This video covers how a CAN Bus connects nodes and ECUs in a single system and the specific protocols that define different CAN operations. It also highlights how traditional CAN differs from CAN Flexible Data Rate (CAN FD). You can use MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Vehicle Network Toolbox™ to directly interface with your CAN Bus and develop applications that:

- Support hardware manufacturers such as Kvaser, NI®, PEAK-System, and Vector
- Collect raw CAN data, process the data using DBC files, and visualize the results in a single environment
- Utilize the CAN Tool to work directly with your CAN Bus in an application without having to write MATLAB code
- Implement higher-level protocols such as XCP and J1939 to define CAN operations for specific applications
- Convert into C or C++ code and deploy to embedded targets

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