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ROS and ROS 2 Using MATLAB and Simulink

ROS is a commonly used framework for designing complex robotic systems. It is popular for building distributed robot software systems, as well as for its integration with packages for simulation, visualization, robotics algorithms, and more. ROS has become increasingly popular in industry, especially in the development of autonomous vehicles.

The ROS interface provided by ROS Toolbox lets you: 1) connect to a ROS network from any operating system supported by MATLAB® and Simulink®, 2) leverage built-in functionality in MATLAB and Simulink toolboxes – for example, control systems, computer vision, machine learning, signal processing, and state machine design; and 3) automatically generate stand-alone C++ ROS nodes from algorithms designed in MATLAB and Simulink. MATLAB and Simulink can coexist with your ROS-based workflow via desktop prototyping, deployment of standalone ROS nodes, or both. This tutorial introduces how to design the ROS-based applications in MATLAB and Simulink.

Through several examples, the tutorial will cover:
- Data analysis for ROS in MATLAB and Simulink
- Algorithm prototyping and development using ROS and ROS 2 network connection to external simulator and hardware- ROS node generation and deployment.

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