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How to Use Built-In ODE Solvers in MATLAB

Learn about some of the different ways MATLAB® can solve ordinary differential equations (ODEs). This video will go over how to use built-in ODE solvers and Symbolic Math Toolbox™. In this video, you will see how to solve both single equations and systems of ODEs using ode45 and dsolve. The video compares input variables, output variables, and runtimes between the two methods to show which workflow works for your applications. Numerical ODE solvers like ode45 return solution arrays from function inputs, while symbolic ODE solvers like dsolve return symbolic solution functions from symbolic input functions. The video explores logistic population growth and Newton’s law of cooling, but you can apply these techniques to many more ODEs.
This video was created as part of the MATLAB student ambassador program: Additional Resources: • Choosing an ODE solver: • Learn more about solving a single ODE: • Learn more about solving systems of ODEs:

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