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Drilling Systems Modeling & Automation, Part 6: Logic Verification and Testing

Due to the importance and complexity of modern drilling systems, it is commonly required that design test and validation be performed. This helps identify unintended design errors in models such as integer overflow, dead logic, and array access violations. Design verification should be complementary to control system development activities and should be developed and implemented in such a way as to minimize additional work and cost, but to maximize its effectiveness. As a result, formal methods and tools are increasingly important for precise and reliable verification.

In this video, we discuss formal methods to validate and test the drawworks control supervisory logic before deployment to the PLC. We use Simulink Design Verifier to generate test cases for model coverage and inputs. We also walk through how you can use it to detect run-time and modeling errors (division by zero) and discover design logic that remains inactive during model execution. Finally, we generate test cases from models of system requirements with the click of a button. Using this, we can augment existing manually created test cases based on standard operating modes of the auto-driller.

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