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The Basics Behind Image Processing | Working with Images in MATLAB

Learn the basics behind color science and photo manipulation, so you can replicate common photo effects right in MATLAB.

In this video, you will learn about science of what exactly makes up an image, and how these components play an important role in image processing. From pixels to RGB to HSV, you will learn the ways to describe the makeup of colors in a picture.

Next, you will explore popular methods of photo editing, and how to do them in MATLAB. First, you’ll learn about editing the saturation of an image using the rgb2hsv command.

Then, the video discusses how to rotate an image using the imrotate command. The video also walks through other effects that you can do in MATLAB as quickly as with a smartphone, including image cropping using the imcrop command and image resizing using the imresize command.

Finally, the video dives into how to replicate social media filters using imadjust, showing how photo sharing apps use universal color science concepts to develop filters.

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