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MATLAB EXPO 2019: 5G NR PHY Implementation, Algorithm Design, and New Waveform Research in MATLAB

The team at Sooktha Consulting Private Limited is developing physical layers of 5G NR in an agile fashion. The physical layer being a key component of their base station product and very complex, it is extremely important to test the implementation against an established reference before they even integrate with an RF front-end or attempt to interoperate with third-party implementations of the UE side. Further, if they notice issues when interoperating with third-party UEs, they need a reference to validate their implementation in those scenarios. 

The team is expecting their MATLAB® implementation to act as the reference that they use to both speeds up their implementation as well as to validate it. Finally, to be able to customize their product to India’s rural connectivity or Internet of Things deployments, they may have to define new algorithms or waveforms and need a reliable reference platform to develop and test these algorithms and waveforms. They are planning to use 5G Toolbox™ and other packages as the reliable reference platform on which they can confidently design and analyze different algorithms and waveforms on the basic 3GPP 5G NR technology and contribute to the specifications through TSDSI and 3GPP.

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