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Data Preprocessing for Deep Learning

In this video, Neha Goel and Connell D’Souza will go over the different steps required to prepare a dataset to be used in designing object detection deep learning models. First, Neha demonstrates how to resize and randomly sample images to create three datasets for training, validation, and testing and discusses the importance of this step. Next, the Ground truth Labeler app is discussed for data labeling. You can use the ground truth labeler app or Video Labeler app to automate data labeling using either built-in automation algorithms or custom automation algorithms. Once the ground truth has been generated, preparing this data for training neural network is also discussed. Resources: - How to Label Data for Deep Learning: - How to Use Custom Automation Algorithms for Data Labeling: - Designing Object Detectors in MATLAB: Download the files used in this video: Contact the MathWorks student competitions team: Visit the MATLAB and Simulink Robotics Arena for additional videos: Request software for your student competition:

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