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AUTOSAR Composition Authoring with Simulink

This video shows how you can author an AUTOSAR composition by creating AUTOSAR architecture models in Simulink® (with AUTOSAR Blockset™ and System Composer™). In the architectural model, you can author software compositions, components, and interfaces in Simulink and link them to requirements using Simulink Requirements™. You can also specify behavior for the components in the architecture model by creating a new Simulink component model, linking to an existing component model, or importing one from ARXML.

You can add Basic Software (BSW) blocks, including Diagnostic Service Component and NVRAM Service Component blocks, to the architecture model to simulate calls to BSW services. Additionally, you can schedule and specify the execution order of component runnables for simulation using Schedule Editor. This allows you to verify your AUTOSAR ECU software without leaving Simulink.

You can also export composition and component ARXML descriptions, generate component code from the architecture/Simulink models, and package build artifacts for integration with an AUTOSAR run-time environment.

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