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Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Battery Management Systems

This video demonstrates how you can use Simulink®, Simscape™, Simulink Real-Time™, and Speedgoat real-time systems to perform hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation to validate and test a battery management system (BMS). Testing an actual BMS for all operational and fault scenarios is time consuming and you may find it difficult to exercise the BMS for all conditions. System-level modeling with Simulink and Simscape lets you simulate the BMS control algorithms and behavior of the battery pack models. From this system model, you can generate C code from both the control algorithms and the battery pack model that you can then deploy to a microcontroller and an HIL real-time system, respectively.

As you watch this video, you’ll learn how to:

- Configure your system model and choose the correct simulation solver
- Select the right level of battery dynamics to achieve real-time behavior
- Employ battery, thermal, and fault emulator cards as part of the HIL system
- Test the BMS software over a range of conditions using the HIL system

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