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Robust Battery Management System Design with MATLAB


This book provides model-based solutions to various battery management problems, including battery impedance estimation, battery capacity estimation, state of charge estimation, state of health estimation, battery thermal management, and optimal charging algorithms. The book introduces important battery management problems in a modularized fashion, decoupling each battery management problem from others as much as possible, allowing you to focus on understanding a particular topic rather than having to understand all aspects of a battery management system. You will get the necessary background to understand, implement and improve battery fuel gauges in electric vehicles, and general state of health of the battery; use proven models and algorithms to estimate the thermal properties of a battery; and know the basics of smart battery charger design. You will also be equipped to accurately estimate battery features of vehicles, such as state of charge, expected charging time, and state of health, to make customized charging waveforms for each vehicle. The book teaches you how to create simulation environments to test and validate algorithms against model uncertainty and measurement noise. In addition, the importance of benchmarking battery management algorithms is covered, and several bench marking metrics are presented. Included MATLAB codes give you an easy way to test the algorithms using realistic data and to develop and test alternative solutions. This is a useful and timely guide for battery engineers at all levels, as well as research scientists and advanced students working in this robust and rapidly advancing area.

PDF: Robust Battery Management System Design with MATLAB pdf

Hard Copy: Robust Battery Management System Design with MATLAB

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