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Wireless network modeling with MATLAB

 Are you trying to address challenges in multi-node networks employing different wireless standards? Or studying the co-existence of these networks in todays crowded radio spectrum? 

In this livestream, you will learn about simulating wireless networks with MATLAB. You will learn how to easily model wireless nodes at different protocol layers under diverse network topologies, and channel conditions. Practical demonstrations will walk you through how to get started with simulating a simple two node network before delving into more complex scenario-based modeling. 

Highlights include:

• Simulating ad hoc and standards (5G, WLAN, Bluetooth) based wireless communication networks.

• Measuring performance metrics such as throughput, latency, and spectral efficiency. 

• Studying the effects of interference in a 5G network of co-channel cells.

• Evaluating design considerations for the co-existence of WLAN and Bluetooth nodes.

• Simulating an 802.11ax WLAN mesh network. 

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