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How to Use Powertrain Blockset to Track Acceleration

Learn how to use Powertrain Blockset in Simulink to track acceleration using measured 0-60 times. The video goes over a basic setup of a wide-open throttle simulation of a 4-cylinder engine using the Conventional Vehicle Reference Application, which is a prebuilt example that can be modified to fit various needs. The acceleration is logged through the visualization tab for two different final drive gear ratios and the 0-60 time is measured in the data inspector. The difference between the two 0-60 times can be seen visually and numerically to analyze how the final drive gear ratio affects vehicle acceleration.

Learn more about the Powertrain Blockset here:

Getting Started with Powertrain Blockset Documentation:

 Reference Application Setup 
 Final Drive Definition 
 Data Logging 
 Wide Open Throttle 
 Specifying Final Drive Ratio 
 Running Simulation 
 Data Inspection 
 Data Analysis 
 MathWorks Documentation 

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