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What Is Database Toolbox?

 Database Toolbox™ provides functions and an app to interact with your relational or NoSQL database. Use an ODBC or JDBC driver to connect to relational databases hosted locally or on the Cloud or data platforms. You can also connect directly to your PostgreSQL®, MySQL®, or SQLite database using built-in drivers in both desktop and deployed environments. Connect and interact with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB®, Apache™ Cassandra®, and Neo4j®.

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You can use the included app, Database Explorer, to navigate your database and import data from tables without writing SQL queries or MATLAB® code. Once you have your data of interest, you can save your workflow as a SQL query or MATLAB script.

Database Toolbox provides functions to interact with your relational database at any level of SQL knowledge. You can execute queries directly on your database, or call functions that generate SQL queries to read, write, and perform inner and outer joins from your tables. You can apply filters to your import functions that produce more complex SQL queries to filter on your database rows and columns, allowing you to import only the data you need into MATLAB.

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- Watch video: Access and Explore Relational Data with the Database Explorer App:

- Explore supported databases:

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