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Enabling RF Circuit Envelope Simulation in MATLAB

 Simulate RF systems with circuit envelope in MATLAB. Use RF Blockset to model RF transceivers and integrate them with wireless communications standards such as 5G. Quantify the impact that RF impairments such as non-linearity, noise, and impedance mismatches have on standard compliant 3GPP measurements, including EVM and ACLR. Use multicarrier circuit envelope simulation in MATLAB to model RF behavior such as intermodulation products, harmonic spurs, and interfering signals along with mixing products.

A top-down design workflow is presented which begins with RF budget analysis. Next, the architecture of the RF system is progressively refined to capture linear, nonlinear, and noise effects.

Use data sheet specifications such as IP3, P1dB, phase noise profile, I/Q gain, and phase imbalance to characterize the RF system and its associated impairments. Alternatively use measurements such as S-parameters to characterize the RF components.

Build adaptive RF systems, including algorithms such as AGC, DPD, and beamforming. Model the RF system and simulate together with control logic to mitigate impairments and optimize system behavior.

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