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Basics of Programming using MATLAB

Concepts covered in this lecture : From 6-minute mark, I will demo the above-mentioned example. It consists of four ODEs: dx/dt = u dy/dt = v du/dt = -ku dv/dt = -g From 9:30 minutes onwards, I will use the above code to show various parts of a typical MATLAB code: (i) assignment statements; (ii) math operations; (iii) MATLAB functions; (iv) comments; (v) sectioning; (vi) plotting. Those who are completely new to MATLAB may find it useful to review this video in the middle and also towards the end of this course. Those who have used MATLAB may realize that we are trying to give a structure to way you were coding earlier, so that we write better codes. At 11 minutes, I cover two numerical data-types in MATLAB: scalars and vectors. This is followed by basic math operations, and special variables used in MATLAB. Some of the important ones include ans, pi, eps, inf, NaN, end.

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