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Visual Media Processing Using Matlab Beginner's Guide Paperback

Visual Media Processing Using Matlab Beginner's Guide Paperback

Written in a friendly, Beginner's Guide format, showing the user how to use the digital media aspects of Matlab (image, video, sound) in a practical, tutorial-based style.This is great for novice programmers in any language who would like to use Matlab as a tool for their image and video processing needs, and also comes in handy for photographers or video editors with even less programming experience wanting to find an all-in-one tool for their tasks.

About the Author

George Siogkas is currently the Associate Dean of the Department of Engineering and Informatics at New York College, Greece, where he has been teaching as a senior lecturer over the past four years. He also has more than ten years of research experience in academia. His keen passion for Matlab programming, especially in the areas of image and video processing, was developed while working towards a PhD in the field of Computer Vision for intelligent transportation systems. Dr. Siogkas received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece, in 2013.For more information about the author, visit his webpage at .

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